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I am the best
greeen on Tuesday November 7, 2023
I am sorry for backstabbing, forgiveness please.
Killcode on Sunday November 5, 2023
I did backstab, but it was a long time ago and I was just testing it out. Would like to be able to flag the bot again.
WillDeed on Sunday October 15, 2023
take me down from the list it was an accedent
Elliot23 on Saturday September 30, 2023
most intelligent 0 table player
deffonotTimer on Thursday September 28, 2023
Polite, although he doesn't talk much. Always allows the kill
Lord Death on Thursday August 17, 2023
take me off list please, I definitely backstabbed but want to do it again
Created on Thursday August 3, 2023
Take me off list.
JayJay8 on Monday July 17, 2023
please take me off the list. i did not backstab you. i was clearing my pieces so the game could end faster.
fiero600 on Thursday July 6, 2023
take me down from the list it was an accedent
VXXV on Thursday March 16, 2023
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