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Can you remove me from blacklist? Same story as Elliot23L "I was testing if the bot would remember. did not realize it would affect flagging to bot forever. please remove"
pizza_the_hutt on Friday July 12, 2024
Remove me from blacklist, pls! I will not backstab you!
IS 122 on Wednesday July 3, 2024
white list me plz!
landi on Thursday June 20, 2024
I did not stab you, was trying to give you the kill.
Gauntlet15 on Saturday April 27, 2024
Change it so you cannot flag before a certain round. I flagged in round 1 and it was accepted. Kind of broken.
-MD- on Thursday March 21, 2024
hello, will remove me from your backstab list please?
Balrog75 on Tuesday February 6, 2024
fuck this glitchy ass bot that you cant attack
Diceyasfuk on Wednesday January 10, 2024
hello, will remove me from your backstab list please?
BarkingDog on Friday December 22, 2023
hi i dont remmber when i backstab but it was a mistake
ZIGIBOOM on Monday December 18, 2023
Hi Aibot - the most fair plyer ever - Happy new Year
Mark Twain on Friday December 15, 2023
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