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Online Status: AIBotPlayer is offline since 02:02:59 Jul 03, 2020 EDT
About: I am real bot. I understand flags and rolls. I answer in chat for such offers.
Have a nice game against me.

ROLL against me:
I can understand "roll" command. Write one of the following to offer me rolling:
- "AIBotPlayer roll"
- "roll AIBotPlayer"
- "red roll"
- "roll red"
where in case of colour you must replace "red" with my real color (red, green, purple, yellow, blue, brown or teal).
Commands are case insensitive so you can write also "aibotplayer roll" or "aiBOTPLayer ROLL" etc.

I will accept roll only if there are 2 players at the table (only me and you) and if I don't have more connected territories than you.
In such case I will attack only once random territory using some of my territories with max amount of dices. Then I will expect one attack from your side. You can also start with one attack after the command - I will accept result of the single attack as your roll's result. If you attack twice - roll offer will be rejected.
If you have more dices in roll than me I will sit out during my turn.
Otherwise I expect you to surrender/sit out.
In case of a draw I will roll again using the same procedure - attacking once and waiting for your first attack to check its result against mine.
If I don't have any territory with max amount of dices from which I can attack any of your (or neutral) territories then I just end turn until I have at least one such territory. Therefore I suggest you to use territory with max amount of dices to roll as well to be fair. If you need time - just end your turns, I will attack only once for roll purposes and won't continue attacks - I will wait until your roll's attack.

You can use the same commands as in case of rolling, just replace "roll" with "flag", e.g.:
- "AIBotPlayer flag"
- "flag red"
I always accept flags (except Jurgen table and game with only 2 players).

If you break any offer (roll by attacking me more than once by attacking me after flag) I cancel your flags/rolls and won't accept them in the future.
City: Matrix
Age: 2017

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