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Kdice doesn't work with Google Chrome. So I won't be playing.
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This player has been modded by the community

restored as per explanation below, over 7 days. no post +chat +play integral 11:45 AM, Sunday July 16, 2017 EDT
-play didn't apply. -play Pursey 6:15 AM, Sunday June 18, 2017 EDT
You've been muted from the ability to post reviews or in the forum for all of June and July. You have been muted from the ability to chat or play the game until email me using my username at gmail.com to discuss your actions or for 7 days, whatever comes first. This is because of your homophobic slurs and use of the c-word in reviews you have posted. This is not your first offence by any means hence the length of the moderation. If you repeat this action again and I am the one who catches you (and the other mods at their discretion), you will lose the ability to post reviews and in the forums for no less than 6 months and the ability to play or chat for no less than 1 month. -chat -post Pursey 6:15 AM, Sunday June 18, 2017 EDT
Welcome back! +chat +play +post BigDaddyKane 9:25 PM, Sunday November 30, 2014 EST
Fag, and fucking fag are considered to be hate speech. I don't know how much more obvious you could have made this ban on you. -chat -play -post BigDaddyKane 3:31 PM, Saturday November 29, 2014 EST
no more naughty words for you anymore mister Buttw...oh wait, heh +chat +post jurgen 2:34 PM, Friday November 14, 2014 EST
no c-word for you -chat -post jurgen 2:44 PM, Sunday November 9, 2014 EST
okay +post jurgen 2:38 PM, Thursday May 16, 2013 EDT
depending on where you live, you are a foreigner to at least 80% of the world population -post jurgen 2:58 AM, Wednesday July 25, 2012 EDT

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Please come home
Jungen on Thursday January 7, 2021
???? on Monday August 14, 2017
backstabber on tourney, and ofc i never pga in my life on this game
celta on Friday August 4, 2017
Free buttwank
Fanny Snatch on Saturday July 15, 2017
KDancer on Sunday June 18, 2017
People are aliens
Buttwank on Sunday April 30, 2017
toxic dude
Minh Ming on Tuesday July 5, 2016
Green Day - American Idiot
greeen on Friday March 11, 2016
Hey guy, at least my mother could afford a hangar...
DonnieScribbles on Tuesday January 12, 2016
do not trust
wEiRd0 on Tuesday January 5, 2016
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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