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Hero Of Time

I speak for the detached and unrealistic that were born normal but turned socially autistic
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VictoriaJ wrote
at 10:32 AM, Monday June 15, 2015 EDT
What?! :o
VictoriaJ wrote
at 11:56 AM, Monday February 23, 2015 EST
VictoriaJ wrote
at 5:46 AM, Friday January 23, 2015 EST
Canadian Mew wrote
at 5:06 PM, Saturday October 20, 2012 EDT
That picture is utterly adorable!
Canadian Mew wrote
at 3:43 PM, Tuesday August 14, 2012 EDT
thanks for helping me get verified! :D
VictoriaJ wrote
at 9:22 PM, Monday February 27, 2012 EST
Happy Birthday stinkbomb :)
You're still my favourite!
DarkRuto wrote
at 3:13 AM, Tuesday February 14, 2012 EST
senilefelines wrote
at 9:42 AM, Tuesday January 3, 2012 EST
Hey, nice score for December :P Hope you had wonderful holidays!!!! <3
kellykellymoore wrote
at 3:07 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
Best New Year's ever! Hope your 2012 is great, Jim. And hope it's always filled with lots of good butterflies. Mwahhhh
Hero Of Time wrote
at 8:25 PM, Monday October 24, 2011 EDT
Hero Of Time's turn
CheshireUZ defeated 4v8, 15 to 12, (2,5,6,2 to 3,2,1,1,1,1,2,1)
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