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I speak for the detached and unrealistic that were born normal but turned socially autistic
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Recognized on 7:19 AM, Thursday July 21, 2011 EDT by kellykellymoore
Thank you for always helping out the new players and steering them in the right direction in a nice way.

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easy 6 kill game, well played my friend
AmericanHist0ryX on Wednesday November 25, 2015
Total ass.
HGWXX7 on Thursday January 2, 2014
Nothing personal, just dont like when someone kill me, but you had chance, I gave it to you.
VVV___ on Sunday August 25, 2013
Piss poor gamer, went out of his way to deny me kills i deserved because i beat him and his 3 freinds who teamed up against me, no sportsmanship with this guy
Noobtard on Thursday August 15, 2013
Just fucking little piece of shit, keep killing this son of the bitch in very 1st rounds cuz his mother has fucking insects in her bitchy pussy
CzarciSrom on Sunday July 28, 2013
yohann2008sex has an incredibly offensive avatar, please remove. Also, where are complaints supposed to be filed?
Jane Doe on Saturday May 25, 2013
what a faggot, he is farming on a 100 table LOL what a loser
Matttt on Monday May 13, 2013
as your clearly not going to unblock me...how long do i have to wait?
Seth Miller on Sunday May 12, 2013
Good player, honored flags in my experience, punished stupid play with good play.
Chaotic-WarLoRd on Wednesday May 8, 2013
zjs.xa1 on Tuesday April 23, 2013
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