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Typical USA-Retard
Aleksa_bre on Wednesday December 18, 2019
Not worth the time or effort.
John Milton on Thursday December 5, 2019
This guy may be the worst kdice player in the history of the game. Flags in elimination games, then stays 4 minutes to talk smack because I simply say "there is no flags in elimination games", calling me a "noob that will finish 3rd". Then he goes silent after I get 2nd... this kid is just bad at the game, bad at predicting the game and based on his attitude I doubt he will improve.
Dick Tucker on Wednesday September 21, 2016
lol^^^^ on Friday September 16, 2016
to passive for this game
bulldog30 on Friday September 2, 2016
Easily my favorite player in the whole game
vecker on Thursday August 25, 2016
This is not an angry post. I do not dislike this guy. He is very kind hearted. However, he is honestly the worst player I have ever watched. I have played MANY games with him in the last two months and his strategy is just plain horrible. Looks lost on a kdice board. should look into chess or something
BostonMets5 on Friday August 12, 2016
flags on round 2 every single time, maybe on round 3 if he's strong enough. it is ridiculous
Bloue on Friday August 5, 2016
STOP FLAGGING IN ROUND 2-3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg, you will never stop to do that, im trying to start to assume you wont change!
celta on Wednesday July 20, 2016
Flag in turn 2, pussy player.
-Antonio- on Friday July 15, 2016
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