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thank you for the advice
Troy11 on Saturday September 6, 2014
Poor guy who is mad because I happen to rebase and take away all his lands in one hit. Don't take it personnal, it is only for the sake of the game. Anythin can happen in the early rounds.
glem on Wednesday November 13, 2013
PGA with Boxfish. This account is mostly likely a shared proxy account. The violations of game play made are constant. If you see this account sitting you can be sure some weird play is going to result on the board.
TheBetterYodel on Wednesday October 30, 2013
PGA with KingRussy, openly admitted it too. Also extremely racist and spams the chat with racial slurrs.
@SKaradeg on Sunday May 19, 2013
nearly as much as a fukwit as his pga pertner KingRussy. kill on sight.
Yankee Go Home on Sunday May 19, 2013
REQQER on Tuesday April 2, 2013
I met up with him and let him take my anal virginity but then he wouldn't return my calls! Fucking asshole!
@DVidjen on Wednesday March 27, 2013
No respect flags
NextJ on Tuesday March 5, 2013
Nice guy and good player :)
Gleekin on Sunday January 20, 2013
Schwabba_is_back on Saturday January 12, 2013
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