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bad player - flags and stabs
Vauban on Friday July 17, 2020
Oh yes, I remember you now, thing is that "Gerson" was never my name, nor my identity, but simply a little experiment of mine which failed. You may recall that I am a hypnotist, I can do such, so let me ask you this: Are you wasting your time by addressing me? Whatever the answer may be dear Rowen, please do not waste mine by doing so. Farewell.
Nero Angelo on Monday September 12, 2016
Fair and honorable. Would play again.
NuII on Tuesday March 17, 2015
I'll second Barry's comment. Hope to play you more often
Preston on Wednesday February 25, 2015
cool player, hard fighter, and funny too! good luck to you :)
barry gateaux on Saturday February 7, 2015
Rowen on Saturday May 17, 2014
Very Fair And Honorable Player
Jason T Carson on Wednesday December 4, 2013
Good player. Could have easily backstabbed at the end of the game and chose not to. A class act all around.
Khallaria on Wednesday October 2, 2013
Rowen is pretty and I love her.
Jebumski on Monday September 30, 2013
Respect the players. Very Classy Kdicer!
~Beer~ on Thursday June 27, 2013
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