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not even leaves a kill after losing a 2 vs. 1. i think that says enogh
masuu on Friday March 13, 2015
Dont accept flags!
kaiosezzar on Tuesday March 10, 2015
guy doesnt know how to play.
Lalita Lani on Monday March 9, 2015
Get's upset pretty easily. I was trying to be nice and he got angry. I really didn't understand. I am partly autistic so maybe he didn't understand what I was doing. I'm honestly sorry. :(. I feel really bad for upseting you. If I can apologize some how, please let me know.
Alrightt on Monday January 6, 2014
McKilla is soo silly.
sargin' on Sunday June 13, 2010
Dumbo25 and MCKilla are PGA gays. They attack from the back. Tells people they can fight but at the end the stuck together like 2 dogs fucking... Should be banded from the game. Wait until the other players have left so there is no witnesses.... Or they are the same player - how childiss. Just one word describes assholes. GAY
King of the Dice on Thursday June 3, 2010
good player, like yr style
jaytee00 on Monday March 15, 2010
gg w/ him, honorable and helped to overcome adversity.... A+
Jeff Lebowski on Tuesday January 19, 2010
luv u 2 ;)
Zhuangzi on Tuesday January 19, 2010
ask to flag him, but when you agree he starts to attack you and fucks up your fight for a lower place. doesn't deserve any respect.
fredje on Tuesday January 19, 2010
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