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Kosovo is Serbia
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PGA with Kaiooo in 500 pts tournament. Like the same person.
kaiosezzar on Friday August 21, 2020
good tournament
heraclitus on Thursday July 2, 2020
yes I flagged you and you attacked me, so I consider the flag as void ... even so I gave you the chance to flag me then, after you lost your 7v5 roll on mine
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Wednesday June 24, 2020
https://kdice.com/games/85911160 TRANSLATION Aleksa_bre: where are you from? BH: alexa Aleksa_bre: oj BH: you listen to the panzer BH: I am bivo BH: remember me? Aleksa_bre: yes of course :) Aleksa_bre: whats up BH: we are here against the panzer BH: there are no waves BH: in town Aleksa_bre: okay ... then so am I BH: they are lying BH: figure brother Aleksa_bre: who else is with us BH: everyone here BH: if you dig me BH: you and the purple are alone now BH: it's all me BH: bro Aleksa_bre: in jbt BH: we won't give you anything BH: relaxed Aleksa_bre: how do you play in so many places? BH: hacker BH: 23 yrs BH: at the computer BH: bro Aleksa_bre: then everything is clear to me :) BH: you get it BH: you want the kill BH:? Aleksa_bre: bivo ... where are you now? BH: just so you know BH: I am in Sarajevo BH: let me tell you BH: while you are here Aleksa_bre: ak BH: when that pancer enters BH: and he says BH: proxy BH: contas BH: they are all lying BH: bro Aleksa_bre: okay ... I didn't know what the trick was BH: ma he BH: made BH: your own clan BH: contas BH: it has its toys Aleksa_bre: now yes :) BH: who lick his ass Aleksa_bre: nothing ... I'm with you of course Aleksa_bre: we need to get on the bigger boards to fuck them :) BH: no problem for me BH: just so you know BH: when you are alone with them BH: you are fucked BH: if they do not respect you BH: them BH: I think BH: their member Aleksa_bre: do you know who else is with him? BH: aoa, avesano, tippy BH: acolytes BH: kamikaze mike BH: these are all his BH: there are more Aleksa_bre: did that kamikaze mike screw me the other day ... Aleksa_bre: there are some BH: kill the tulle BH: kill BH: he has 4 proxies BH: aoa acolytes BH: and some with numbers BH: alexa Aleksa_bre: nothing .. the combined forces will have to get them BH: sitting Aleksa_bre: say Aleksa_bre: k BH: Macedonian not to forget BH: pick BH: connect there are many of us: I'm charging BH: take the kill BH: king 333 Aleksa_bre: I can't get to kdice at work anymore ... they locked the link ... BH: put vpn on firefox BH bro BH: proxy BH: put it Aleksa_bre: is going on the phone a game? BH: ma crying BH: pc BH: hmm, chrome on android Aleksa_bre: I'll try it Aleksa_bre: fuck the kill... it's been a long time
PanzerRed on Thursday June 18, 2020
Pussy dumbshit cunt :-D
riskbreaker on Monday May 11, 2020
fair player
Ilumael on Tuesday April 7, 2020
I wouldn't have liked to meet panzer Red in RDA in the 80s...He really behaves like stasi...
avesano on Wednesday March 25, 2020
Hello, just a warning not to ally with cheating bivo. I will give you the benefit of the doubt but you will be monitored and any pga with bivo will mean you get banned.
jurgen on Sunday February 23, 2020
huhu on Monday January 27, 2020
was fun to play with. Fair player http://kdice.com/games/85872216
Egazas on Tuesday January 21, 2020
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