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Kosovo is Serbia
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Generalstab is his proxy acc
deffonotTimer on Thursday June 30, 2022
Great player and nice person !
bumo on Thursday November 11, 2021
Tarleton on Sunday August 22, 2021
very nice player and fair too, respects flags
drtr on Friday April 2, 2021
lets kill Veta and twinky at sight from now on. Even 22 April joined them yesterday, pffff
stefke on Tuesday March 16, 2021
Thx for your wise comment honorable Veta
Aleksa_bre on Thursday February 18, 2021
pga with generalstab, avigdor, Kosovo is Serbia, imanema. He uses alt accounts to PGE competition. He makes up lies and manipulates to chatpwn (I would know)
Veta on Thursday February 18, 2021
playing pg ain tourney....both with avigdor and Generalstab
Kaderschmiede de on Monday February 15, 2021
PGA with generalstab & Kosovo is Serbia. Says he PGEs everyone as an excuse to cheat with his friends. Also creates alt accounts and proxies to influence games for his benefit.
twinky on Sunday February 14, 2021
Congratz for silver!
fgfx on Monday February 1, 2021
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