Thanks for the memories!
ffbsensei wrote
at 12:26 AM, Tuesday March 16, 2021 EDT
So been playing this game since Dec 2006, trying to figure out this new game that looked oddly like Risk. Making new friends, new PGAs and PGEs (lol). Gone through the various iterations and changes...sadly the culture along with the number of the people have seemed to deteriorate over time. I kept playing more out of habit then really expecting things to change. I have decided to just give this up. Met some cool people here, loved the culture with the 10k tables with double negative dom if you got eliminated in the first round...ELO scoring, all of the changes and iterations.

I was sitting here a few weeks ago with maybe a dozen people sitting and no games going on. In the past, I remember being able to log on at any time of day and there would be dozens of tables filled with people.

I really enjoyed playing the 2k/5k/10k tables with people who knew how to play. This site had a cool culture with people who understood strategy.

Lots of great memories. Thanks Ryan for taking the time to invent this game. I suppose every thing under the sun has a season. Time to sow, time to reap, time to live and a time to die. Best of luck to you all!

Signing off!


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Veta wrote
at 12:31 AM, Tuesday March 16, 2021 EDT
You will be loved and missed Oni
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:46 AM, Tuesday March 16, 2021 EDT
It has been fun but I get your point. Store the logins somewhere, maybe there will be a turn to the better. Depending on the religion you are into there is a chance for rebirth of the dead ;-)
at 5:18 AM, Tuesday March 16, 2021 EDT
Johnson213 wrote
at 7:39 PM, Tuesday March 16, 2021 EDT
Bye Oni!
Wishing you well! :)
Vermont wrote
at 11:17 AM, Wednesday March 17, 2021 EDT

You'll be back! :)

(Said with hope.)

Thraxle wrote
at 9:14 PM, Friday April 2, 2021 EDT
Sup Oni!
fgfx wrote
at 5:22 AM, Saturday April 3, 2021 EDT
Thank you for the good times, it has been a pleasure to play with/against you!
Hope you'll be back soon :)
Pink Taco wrote
at 8:48 PM, Monday April 5, 2021 EDT
Everyone comes back, you'll be back. But just in case you don't, Goodbye and GG!
EddyB wrote
at 4:05 PM, Tuesday April 20, 2021 EDT
nobody likes quitters.
Monsanto wrote
at 7:26 PM, Thursday April 22, 2021 EDT
was cool playing with you take care and hope to meet you again
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