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doyke wrote
at 6:33 AM, Sunday August 7, 2011 EDT
Hey mate take a look under the 'video section'...im sure the thing has uploaded correctly
barmat wrote
at 8:51 PM, Friday December 24, 2010 EST
merry christmas ic, i hope it is a really fun time for you
doyke wrote
at 12:51 AM, Thursday October 21, 2010 EDT
dont know why im posting this in the chat when i can leave you this note:

im off to class so might talk in a few hours
jono1234 wrote
at 4:08 AM, Sunday October 17, 2010 EDT
heya Indian, good talking. might be nice to share how things are going from time to time - jonathan.mcclelland at facebook if you use that...
ZeroLow wrote
at 6:53 AM, Wednesday March 3, 2010 EST
Best Imdian i know ;-)
Feronex1 wrote
at 3:28 PM, Tuesday March 2, 2010 EST
Hi IC!

Longtime no see, how are you? I'm fine, but lot's of work for the moment. No kdice playing for me at the moment. I also have a question for you, I need to write a paper and it's about US law. The subject is : 'Discuss wrongful life in the californian law system'. Have you any idea where I can find good sources?

Thanks very much!


Ps you can always contact me : [email protected]
sertach wrote
at 11:41 PM, Thursday February 4, 2010 EST
best player ı have ever seen :P love u IC
snmlmz wrote
at 10:42 PM, Monday September 28, 2009 EDT
Congrats on the table, IndianCountry :-)
Johnson213 wrote
at 7:55 PM, Wednesday September 9, 2009 EDT
NOW the property of Johnson213 for pain and suffering. If i catch this account on line. There will be terrible repercussions. Thank you, and i Enjoyed business with you and making this settlement...In other words...GET AN ALT!
IndianCountry wrote
at 3:09 AM, Thursday August 13, 2009 EDT
Thanks Guys! Im really excited to have my own table also :-D
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