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Vindictive prick.
Starfirex on Tuesday May 3, 2016
Talks a lot but that is ok, I like talking (even though I am an unsociable Finn). He generally contributes to a good atmosphere in the room and as far as I have seen, he obeys all rules of the game. That goes for both the practical and social ones.
the best zinke on Wednesday April 20, 2016
worse player .. whining bitchie player
PureOdyssey on Wednesday April 13, 2016
NY will go Sanders- I'll make sure of it.
rushwing on Tuesday April 5, 2016
really nice person! was fun to write with u :)
BerlinerSportClu on Monday March 28, 2016
Leaving a review because I noticed this person asks for reviews but hasn't gotten any in over a year. So here goes: BEWARE!don't trust this person! He always has an evil plan to win the game! Will say nice things in chat just to mess with your head. possibly PGA or Indian as well!
Eredhion on Thursday March 24, 2016
nice and fair player, fun to write with
objecta2 on Sunday August 10, 2014
Fair players... leaves kills!!
kaiosezzar on Friday May 16, 2014
Nice speeking with you ;)
viana on Saturday May 3, 2014
chiefKeef on Tuesday April 22, 2014
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