Friday Fives

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koki1212 wrote
at 2:36 PM, Friday October 26, 2012 EDT
i won :D
PRoCc wrote
at 4:15 PM, Friday March 16, 2012 EDT
I will be Top 5 , if not, gonna stop playing kDice. But i know that i'm gonna be in top5 , so STFU! :*
porscheturbo911 wrote
at 4:59 PM, Friday December 23, 2011 EST
enjoy ;)
Simmo3k wrote
at 4:31 PM, Thursday December 15, 2011 EST
Woo, I won the last one. :)
REMCO wrote
at 4:50 PM, Friday August 13, 2010 EDT
I don't see a join button
satanas wrote
at 4:53 PM, Friday April 23, 2010 EDT
how much time long is the tournament?
Crimius wrote
at 1:59 PM, Friday October 9, 2009 EDT
be here at 5. a message will pop up giving you the option to join a game. click yes and you will automatically be taken to the proper table. they make it pretty simple.
TheJakal wrote
at 4:58 PM, Friday August 7, 2009 EDT
yeah, how do i sit in. Its my first Tournament
Eyal N wrote
at 4:59 PM, Friday July 24, 2009 EDT
Joined... now what? how do I play? 45 seconds to go...
gonzaloo wrote
at 4:58 PM, Friday May 15, 2009 EDT
1 minute
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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