Sunday Slam

1,000◆ Buy-In

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Dude111 wrote
at 8:26 PM, Sunday March 30, 2014 EDT
i'm not proud of all the things and people i had to do to win this tourney
Kurwa_pendecho wrote
at 7:40 PM, Sunday October 28, 2012 EDT
2nd 7.950◆ kurwa
Gurgi wrote
at 7:34 PM, Sunday August 9, 2009 EDT
4 top places in row and 2 consecutive wins
sabr5 wrote
at 7:35 PM, Sunday April 26, 2009 EDT
doubled my points lol great
captainLAGER wrote
at 7:29 PM, Sunday April 5, 2009 EDT
Consecutive wins, yeah baby.
gravisky wrote
at 5:53 PM, Sunday January 25, 2009 EST
İt writes cant afford to buy in but i got 3k now , why i cant join?
Orlafede wrote
at 5:55 PM, Tuesday December 16, 2008 EST
oh yeah!!! 11k
fcuku wrote
at 6:47 PM, Sunday November 2, 2008 EST
toad92 wrote
at 6:28 PM, Sunday November 2, 2008 EST
... GL ALL
COD3 wrote
at 6:24 PM, Sunday November 2, 2008 EST
this 1 should be good
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