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Play restored early. Insufficient evidence of wrongdoing. +play KDICEMOD 12:15 PM, Thursday June 11, 2009 EDT
Game-to-game trucing with the same player (xxSacredxx) in a tourney for the purpose of eliminating another player. This is a form of PGA. 7 days of -play -play KDICEMOD 3:34 PM, Wednesday June 10, 2009 EDT

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Tobi Wan Kenobi: bivo sounds exactly like that other guy with the hot chic as profile pic bivo: clasic pga Tobi Wan Kenobi: whats his name again? AmMe: count me in, because you're a dumbass bive nexeto is here treason8488 has left Lemonion: you should, we're friends you dolt flix_essex: rember mame Enzo is here AmMe: bivo has multiple accounts, that's for sure treason8488 is here Lemonion: he's not the only one flix_essex: who is he PGaing with? Lemonion: bivo pga's with lots of folks Tobi Wan Kenobi: just expect to get a review from him flix_essex: on this table? Tobi Wan Kenobi: thats his new hobby Lemonion: yep Lemonion: he thinks everyone is pga, so he runs proxy accts flix_essex: oh Tobi Wan Kenobi: insane flix_essex: so he is doing that now? bivo: leamon clip youtube is pga bivo: idiot Lemonion: he's basically the biggest cheater on kdice because of his own paranoia Lemonion: why do you think he has so many recommendation stars? Tobi Wan Kenobi: gabibo or s.th. like that? Tobi Wan Kenobi: another one of the funny weird ones Lemonion: because he recommends his own alternate accounts flix_essex: bivo is playing a proxy account Lemonion: I believe he is running two players in this game alone AmMe: i don't know if he's pga'ing now, but yesterday there was this guy "free taxi", definitely his alter ego Lemonion: just watch for the one who doesn't speak here, and the one that doesn't attack him Alexxzz has left flix_essex: ok... Tobi Wan Kenobi: how can you run proxy accounts from one computer? Tobi Wan Kenobi: does that work? flix_essex: hidemyass Lemonion: two computers maybe? flix_essex: no, go on hidemyass.com Tobi Wan Kenobi: just cause of kdice?? hahaha Lemonion: yep flix_essex: its quite pathetic Tobi Wan Kenobi: aaaaahhh Tobi Wan Kenobi: pepe Tobi Wan Kenobi: remember him? Tobi Wan Kenobi: pepecolo Tobi Wan Kenobi: that's his name Tobi Wan Kenobi: the most fucked up player on this platform fuck you sistr and beybi idiot dont respect flag and dont respect roll of! pga with AmMe and trucer bad player!!
bivo on Friday August 10, 2012
dumb ass
hellworrior on Wednesday July 11, 2012
great player and good guy!!!!!!!
KaMeN on Sunday July 8, 2012
Good dude to have a game with.
@Totallytossem on Wednesday July 4, 2012
Nice enough guy. Flagged out to be fair.
ahimsa7 on Wednesday May 16, 2012
You asked me where is the rule "If you flag to someone, they have the complete right to still attack you" well... it's here: ---> http://kdice.com/blog/48 BANG! Understood? Clear? Need some other explanations? So before teaching me the rules read it, ok bully? And if u ally whit a backstabber u too are a backstabber! Next time play whit honor and not like a bitch. P.S.: PGE is PREgameEnemy. I dont know u. How can I PGE if i dont know u? U really need to read the rules. Stay away from me i dont like shitty game.
pannocchia on Wednesday October 26, 2011
Lemonion on Saturday October 15, 2011
Is a total... LEMON! Boom boom!
PuGdAwG on Sunday September 18, 2011
Confirmed PGA: G ! + Paul Dickman + Lemonian + MercuryBoy.
haIoducks on Saturday September 17, 2011
good player
MercuryBoy on Saturday September 10, 2011
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