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Not sure why randomers here are spouting shite about this person, seems fine to me and a good person to play against and/or with.
DonnieScribbles on Monday July 25, 2016
not worth to be called "player" - with almost 6k at 0table he will sit on his butt from turn 2 to 9, then fucks your game coz you were dumb enough to let him stay alive. then weak flags to the strongest to go 2vs1 for another one just to get 3rd and 0 points in the end. no fun to sit with so better kos
Mrs. M on Sunday July 10, 2016
bad player
beatol1 on Sunday May 1, 2016
no chance of a better place but fuck other games, a real sucker
SalinhoOo on Thursday October 25, 2012
nice, fair player
DivideAndConquer on Sunday August 19, 2012
maybe pga with unholyconfession. Not sure, just be wary if they're on the table together.
leonflintleon on Wednesday October 7, 2009
Ah you poor cheating fuck, got caught and came and whined huh.
scorp888 on Sunday May 25, 2008
PGA's with Sleeping Giant, doesn't respect flags, in short the sort of person you'd not piss on if they were on fire.
scorp888 on Sunday May 25, 2008
good player respects truces til the end nice doing business with him.
Adonia on Friday April 18, 2008
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