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Wow,surprised with the negative comments here, I played with him a couple of games and he was fine and fair.
SirPepa781 on Tuesday July 14, 2020
backstabbing cunt
KingRussy on Wednesday March 18, 2015
Idiot atacked me when I wanted fight 1/4. I let him fight 2/3 and he stabbed me. Totaly stupid player
IgorMaster on Monday December 15, 2014
Accepted flag, stabbed flag. To his own detriment. Not the smartest dude. Won't trust again.
Drucifer85 on Saturday December 6, 2014
this guy is a dbag
jiminykickit on Wednesday November 19, 2014
For no reason killed me even though I had flagged. No not trust.
Taffu on Tuesday November 18, 2014
complete loser is right.
NiPs on Saturday November 1, 2014
Complete looser lol
Nicholai Hel on Sunday August 31, 2014
Backstabs, PGA's and truces like crazy, even in early rounds. Anything to get a higher place, even on zero point tables. Constantly ruining the matches he plays in.
kDiceNoob22 on Monday August 18, 2014
Fart gargling gnu strangler with herpes, crabs, genital warts and a fungal infection in his urinary tract. His penis is so microscopic he has to piss out of his arse.
jfcxncgn on Tuesday August 12, 2014
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