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Listen To The Mighty One
mandarin on Thursday September 19, 2013
Backstaber KoS
bluff or not? on Friday July 1, 2011
attack after he flagged asshole
flag under me on Friday July 1, 2011
Unfair... i flagged him verbally, and i kept my promise... but i was third and i wanted to have a chance to the 2nd place, i never flagged the other player... and he started to attack me, pushing me out of the game. Really unfair... or PGA with the other player, don't know which of the two ^^"
Manua on Thursday June 30, 2011
Watch out this idiot, fucking backstabber!
Emaldo on Tuesday June 28, 2011
backstabber and idiot
vzxc on Tuesday June 28, 2011
This player seems linked to Blips somehow... CHBDL was telling others not to mess with Blips and who to flag to get 2nd place to get free points. (I guess they were doing that after all anyway)
sigonasr2 on Sunday June 26, 2011
pile of gay shit
Adam_ on Sunday June 26, 2011
Love this person so much! :)
@Simvaughan1 on Friday June 24, 2011
fair and honourable player
Blips on Thursday June 23, 2011
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