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Recognized on 7:04 PM, Saturday February 27, 2010 EST by holyharlequin

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loser alert -avatar These cards suck 5:51 PM, Friday April 2, 2010 EDT
Will comment later. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post These cards suck 1:47 PM, Tuesday March 9, 2010 EST
another chance +changeAvatar +chat +play +post quickcut 10:15 PM, Monday March 23, 2009 EDT
it is with a heavy heart that i ban this player from playing, however, she and superchole have kept cheating after repeated warnings and i admit i have giving them too many chances, i was lax in not banning earlier, i hoped they would change, they were writing words at end and warning people at beginning without cause, which is documented -changeAvatar -chat -play -post quickcut 9:05 PM, Sunday March 22, 2009 EDT

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I think you just got pwned.
TheBetterYodel on Friday March 12, 2010
bad character; should not have been un-banned, kdice would have been the better for it.
scaramanga on Friday March 5, 2010
hes funny
kotofu on Saturday February 27, 2010
Kimmy, I cant describe you. too good for words. I HEART KIMMY!
Hails5 on Friday February 12, 2010
Does not honor flags!!!
ZeroLow on Friday February 12, 2010
BACKSTABBER. Don't trust. Kill on sight.
subruncinator on Saturday December 19, 2009
V has to much time on his hands :p
chance yo on Saturday December 5, 2009
This is not a review for this player. This message serves two purposes. First of all, I want to congratulate the k-dice winner for November 2009 and secondly, I want to give everyone who does not understand how this game works, some first hand knowledge from behind the curtain of deceit. Before I continue, for everyone who does not already know who I am, my main account is DoubleDogDareYa and I am fairly experienced and I consider myself an average player. I posted this under an alt so that my other review would not be overwritten. So first off, I am truly excited to congratulate the November 2009 month-end winner. Drum roll please. happytoscrap or as I like to call him, scrappy. Scrappy won this months k-dice with a lot of hard work. Scrappy is one of the few top players left who play hard and play fair. Scrappy is not alone since there are more who play by the rules (most of the time). Please join me and congratulate scrappy on a job well done. Well then, next topic. Anyone who ever wanted to know how its done up top every month, well here it goes. The titans of k-dice, as Ryan likes to call them, have done the following for the past two years CONFIRMED: 1) PGA , or Pre Game Alliance, is the original form of cheating. It basically involves friends doing favors for friends game to game and joining forces to win. I know this is not news to most people. But I have mentioned it for the noobs. 2) PGA with instant messenger, or aim. So with this form of cheating, they communicate outside the game via instant messenger while engaged in PGA. This give them a lot of power of direction to dominate the board covertly. 3) Proxy cheating. This involves one player sitting at two or more places on one table. So you are actually playing against the same person who is sitting in two or more seats. It basically is the easiest way to win in poker, not only k-dice. You will find that the most blatant proxy offenders on k-dice also have the highest chip counts on gpoker. Without proxy cheating, many of the poker winners would not stand a chance. How do they do it? Well, they need access to at least two net connections, or Ips. And they also need at least two k-dice accounts. All of the zoid accounts this month were frequent offenders of this proxy method, as were all of the gurgi accounts. 4) IP attacks. This involves sending useless packets of information to a server that an opponent is using. What does this do? Well, you will be in a game and possibly in first or second place. Then out of the blue, your lose your net connection. You will be able to log back on only after your game has lagged out . How can they do this? All they need is your server IP and to read a few hacking blogs. So if Ryan, the creator of k-dice has EVER given web site administration privileges to ANY moderators for this game, there is the potential for numerous breaches that would permit IP identification. So with all four of the cheating methods outlined above, all it would take is a little imagination to dominate this game. In practice, the self-proclaimed tits of k-dice, use combinations of these methods to win. For example, you will be sitting at GREEN on a table and you will be up against a team of three. Lets say RED, BLUE and BROWN are a team of cheaters. The other 3 seats will be occupied by unsuspecting victims like you. So RED and BLUE are occupied by the same person using 2 accounts via the proxy method and BROWN is in communication with his proxy buddy with instant messanger. So use your imagination and you can figure out the rest. But in the end, you, being GREEN, do not stand a chance. I have personally witnessed this scenario over 18 times in November alone with Dr. Zoiderberger. And on other note, to give you some insight into the titans arrogance, the k-dice month-end-winners are decided in advance most of the time. I hope that this serves as an eye opener for everyone who loves this game as much as I do. And Ryan, I challenge you to squash these morons if you want this site to grow.
Tuscony on Sunday November 29, 2009
ignored my flag and farmed me in favour of one of his butt buddies
gontis on Sunday November 29, 2009
Kimmy, if Chloe gives you a chance to fight me, she should also give brown a chance to fight you. and the condition was 1v1 fair fights... So I had a reason to comment on that. Anyway, gg
FilipL on Saturday November 28, 2009
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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