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fair player
kdrat on Tuesday November 16, 2010
Seems like a fair player and a nice guy to me.
Vestbanebarn on Thursday January 28, 2010
you're a putz. worst player ever.
deeeeznutz on Sunday January 24, 2010
just saw your answer. I believe you now lol ;) but you have to admit that I usually get the offer. it really seemed like a pga
peddy on Monday January 18, 2010
Good player.
Rowen on Tuesday January 12, 2010
Hi there!
Miquel on Sunday December 27, 2009
A little bit retarded. Rides the short bus to special school. I feel sorry for your family. Then again you refuse to let others fight it out for lower places so ffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuu. Imbecilic cockwipe.
heraclitus on Sunday December 27, 2009
Pga with Shi Zhouni, cant win on his own or even with a partner. BEWARE!
Brewer480 on Tuesday December 15, 2009
nice to play with
Scorf on Tuesday November 17, 2009
Honored his word. Great to play with
DO3 on Sunday November 15, 2009
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