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fair player and good sport
Monsanto on Tuesday August 8, 2017
Atila apologies, someone was knocking the door. Sorry for dont leave my kill
celta on Saturday June 10, 2017
good player. was a pleasure to play with
raphi800 on Friday March 31, 2017
fair player atilaX
AmericanHist0ryX on Monday March 20, 2017
We need more of this kind of player, he agreed to fight 2/5 though he could just play safe :)
Orthros on Tuesday December 6, 2016
A weak flag, but accepted a 2/5 roll to avoid a long fight and accepted the loss. Positive attitude, I am looking forward to play him again.
Louis Cypher on Tuesday December 6, 2016
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
State of Heroes on Saturday November 26, 2016
Bad noob player No honor in him
Matyi Somogyi on Saturday October 8, 2016
good player, gave kill after long fight.
dnaa on Monday December 21, 2015
nice, fair and honorable
avesano on Thursday December 10, 2015
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