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Louis Cypher

As most take fun out of mocking and offending unlucky players, don't complain when you are treated that way. You probably deserve just that.
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Recognized on 8:20 AM, Saturday December 4, 2021 EST by integral
Long time player. Thanks for all you've done for this site.

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Louis Cypher: get cancer Zigi this not somthing you say
ZIGIBOOM on Monday September 11, 2023
You're alright, we have our little fights but overall Nice playing with you.
greeen on Wednesday August 2, 2023
gg louis
Joey44 on Tuesday July 11, 2023
Worst kdice crybaby player. Don't play with him
Linox on Wednesday June 14, 2023
Pge for insulting http://kdice.com/games/93441698
Aleksa_bre on Friday March 31, 2023
i beat him from 1 land looooooool
gschmidt on Friday December 16, 2022
bigbarbe: Gg Louis Cypher: have a life jsut as good as my game, failing by bad luck any deciding mnoment Louis Cypher: in other words Louis Cypher: fuck you asshole Louis Cypher: nothing worse than a winner without empathy. Louis Cypher: I hope you lose all month, having a fucking good month WHY????
bigbarbe on Friday December 2, 2022
Pge lifetime++++++++ https://kdice.com/games/92474870 Louis Cypher: yeah - give me your adress and I close your family case. Thrillos 7 has left Louis Cypher: all of them. Generalstab: I will fuck you again Louis Cypher: permanently Obriend7919 has left Louis Cypher: I will burry your children, one by one Louis Cypher: in front of your eyes Generalstab: Sad soul Louis Cypher: welcome to etenral hate Charmed Boy: lol guyz take it easy its just a game Louis Cypher: asshole Louis Cypher: I will easily take him, hjis family and his friends out of existence Generalstab: Louis dont respect rules Louis Cypher: SHOW ME THAT RULE, RETARDED ASSFUCKING CUNT
Generalstab on Friday October 21, 2022
i'm worried this toxic cry baby is going to drown in his own tears, i'm done trying to be nice to you
Dude111 on Wednesday October 12, 2022
Dear Lou, please stay positive, u are a nice player :)
cupcakerous on Monday July 25, 2022
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