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Louis Cypher

May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day. Notabene: I am a sore loser.
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Louis Cypher: yeah - give me your adress and I close your family case. Thrillos 7 has left Louis Cypher: all of them. Generalstab: I will fuck you again Louis Cypher: permanently Obriend7919 has left Louis Cypher: I will burry your children, one by one Louis Cypher: in front of your eyes Generalstab: Sad soul Louis Cypher: welcome to etenral hate Charmed Boy: lol guyz take it easy its just a game Louis Cypher: asshole Louis Cypher: I will easily take him, hjis family and his friends out of existence Generalstab: Louis dont respect rules Louis Cypher: SHOW ME THAT RULE, RETARDED ASSFUCKING CUNT
elonukas on Wednesday September 8, 2021
Nice sentence: May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day. I wish the same for you. And I hope you don't feel as bad when you lose. It's just a game in the end.
drtr on Thursday September 2, 2021
No problems with you. Not PGE. Thanks for your insults while Im away. Check it.
Tarleton on Tuesday August 31, 2021
hey louis, kdice still excists? Dont see the board when i log in, pffff
stefke on Friday August 6, 2021
A few days ago he wrote a bad review about me, saying I was blind and unable to understand the game, today he didnt give me a kill cause he had to wait one more turn and was too long for him... always complaining about his start or restack. I had to go down a lot in the rank to find you....it is simple: I PLAY BETTER THAN YOU
vesselt on Tuesday June 29, 2021
called me "a retarded piece of wasted biomass". Then told me to live the rest of my life in a wheel chair. The dude has some problems.
imanema on Friday March 19, 2021
Thanks for the ballanced review, you summarized it quite well. Louis can be a friendly player, but he has a severe problem with bad language and is always complaing about his bad luck. As long as you can stand this - you might get along with him quite well.
wertrew on Monday February 15, 2021
He is a sore loser. He is honest enough to put it in his bio. You have to respect the guy, but not his round 2 flag killing the game. L. O. V. E. T. H. E. G. U. Y.
Go Habs Go on Thursday January 28, 2021
That shows once again how little you seem to understand. Wertrew and I were close to PGE and have never had a better relationship than this tense one!
schnomie on Tuesday November 17, 2020
Nice Guy (:
Kurwa_pendecho on Friday November 13, 2020
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