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Louis Cypher

May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day. Notabene: I am a sore loser.
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Recognized on 8:20 AM, Saturday December 4, 2021 EST by integral
Long time player. Thanks for all you've done for this site.

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Dear Lou, please stay positive, u are a nice player :)
cupcakerous on Monday July 25, 2022
Has not improved play since 2017. Also has the worst attitude towards life I've encountered in this game. Smile more. Have fun, Louis. Life is more than Kdice.
chipati on Sunday July 10, 2022
No sense of humour, a girl on her periods.
Pokemon Trainer on Monday July 4, 2022
His alt is John Milton. PGA with EZEL
Generalstab on Monday July 4, 2022
nice player
Laudan on Friday May 27, 2022
Sorry, dont understand this fun or what it is: Louis Cypher: I go kill some kids on the street. I tis more fun.
Kosovo is Serbia on Monday March 7, 2022
terrible weak flagging stuff in tourney
Tiger Woods PGA on Friday December 17, 2021
such a sore loser!!
Stockli on Thursday October 14, 2021
Louis Cypher: yeah - give me your adress and I close your family case. Thrillos 7 has left Louis Cypher: all of them. Generalstab: I will fuck you again Louis Cypher: permanently Obriend7919 has left Louis Cypher: I will burry your children, one by one Louis Cypher: in front of your eyes Generalstab: Sad soul Louis Cypher: welcome to etenral hate Charmed Boy: lol guyz take it easy its just a game Louis Cypher: asshole Louis Cypher: I will easily take him, hjis family and his friends out of existence Generalstab: Louis dont respect rules Louis Cypher: SHOW ME THAT RULE, RETARDED ASSFUCKING CUNT
elonukas on Wednesday September 8, 2021
Nice sentence: May the happiness, honesty and friendliness you spread here return to you every day. I wish the same for you. And I hope you don't feel as bad when you lose. It's just a game in the end.
drtr on Thursday September 2, 2021
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