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At first I thought it was a little odd to have someone openly talk about being homosexual here on kdice, but after a few moments I realized he wasnt joking and I felt really shed some light on homosexuality in this world. He was open and honest about all topics and even tried to inform the trolls who kept asking very disturbing things, but for his part he held up fine and answered even the most disgusting stuff with honesty and knowledge. I wish him and his partner Steven the best in there future together.
TheSwiper on Thursday June 23, 2011
backstabber and pga player
vzxc on Sunday June 5, 2011
may not respect flags dont no bout that part but he did help me out when some1 backstabbed me so my opinion is he is a decent player. maybe he just wanted first not sure but thanks pathologe
Joseph Christian on Wednesday March 30, 2011
This guy does not respect flags, instead he backstabbs.......like a narwhal
thenarwhal on Thursday January 13, 2011
Doesn't respect flags.
holinux on Sunday December 19, 2010
WARNING!!! Tényleg patologiai eset!
Conq on Saturday November 13, 2010
Does not respect flags at all. Watch out for this player. A real jerk!
sparty on Monday November 1, 2010
fucking idiot, don't trust he didn't respect flags!!!!
Farles on Monday October 11, 2010
big bastard
bangost on Friday October 8, 2010
you blind german stinky playing with him self puny bastard
Vissengard on Monday October 4, 2010
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