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penis in avatar. Feel free to whine but the penis was CLEARLY there and Ryan says no penis in avatars. Also watch your language (this is a warning for that too) -avatar jurgen 5:52 AM, Tuesday August 16, 2011 EDT

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Vincentio is proxy and/or PGA. Vincentio was a level 1 player in the minifreeroll tournament tonight. After a very fishy first game where "Vincentio" ignored an easy druid kill and chose to continually attack me until Druid could try to rebuild and attack me for second, they were clearly cooperating in the second and third games. http://kdice.com/games/86311048 http://kdice.com/games/86311091
Glitter Bukakke on Wednesday March 25, 2020
unfair idiot, forcing me to roll again, after other player had aleady lost 2 rolls
play mate on Thursday August 29, 2019
blatant liar
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Saturday March 16, 2019
don't respected Flag in tournament. please kill HIM asap to save game-fun here
Salige on Friday February 15, 2019
don't respected 2x Flag at tournament
Capo Chino on Monday December 17, 2018
Played smart, played fair, rare on both accounts these days :)
farq on Wednesday July 8, 2015
cool player, didnt backstab and gave the kill
coke face on Sunday March 8, 2015
funny and honored flag
eurasianbro on Saturday July 5, 2014
HeavyMetalManiac on Thursday March 27, 2014
nice player!
losemaker on Saturday February 15, 2014
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