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he sucks major dick and likes it
Adam_ on Saturday March 12, 2011
fuckin moron. terrible player. pga with forthewin123 and pepecolo!!!
fonzkopp on Friday March 11, 2011
I'm not really into this site enough to care about this review crap but I just wanna call out these PGA posts. Because I don't play here enough to remember names, which makes it somewhat hard to PGA...
Raptorpat on Friday February 11, 2011
Was a good fight, sorry green interfered
Pezzcola on Friday February 11, 2011
pga pga fucker player!!
zioro2 on Wednesday February 2, 2011
big idiot player while you're on my list, feel free to delete ACC, as always you are dead and I will have respect for you.
bivo on Sunday January 23, 2011
PGA: with burnination, motherfucker
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm on Saturday January 22, 2011
pga with burnianation
khazim on Saturday January 22, 2011
picks fights with everyone and generally pisses in a 360° circle at everyone, then is all surprised the board turns against him. maybe isnt a bad character, but i think he has a poor feel for the flow of the game, of today's unwritten do's and dont's of in-game behavior. what i do despise tho are his instigating chat attempts such as when u vflag he will try to get the other party not to trust you. that is low.
scaramanga on Tuesday January 11, 2011
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