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major baby... major asshole...
cs96ai on Wednesday May 16, 2012
an insulting baby... nothing more...
Raidden on Wednesday November 9, 2011
fair and honest, lives up to his flag:)
Aprille on Monday November 7, 2011
Barnaby red with: do you remember why? mgrinber: BIG BABYYYYYYYYYYY mgrinber: I SHAT ON UR FACE Barnaby red with: Do you remember why grinber? Barnaby red with: no, no you don't mgrinber: cuz i gave u a shit mustache Barnaby red with: I've never met you in real life, so you're making that up, aren't you grinber mgrinber: dude For everyone in chat I used to date barnaby until he got upset one day when i gave him a shitstache Barnaby red with: it's true, I'm so embarassed Barnaby red with: meee, call on me Barnaby red with: mmeee, call on me Barnaby red with: meee call on me
mgrinber on Thursday November 11, 2010
Love some of your reviews. You just bait them all, to cover for how poorly you play.
TekManiac on Sunday November 7, 2010
99% sure PGA with Feridd
ctfx93 on Wednesday October 27, 2010
I pwned you hard..so he's crying..that's funny
Jtencul on Tuesday October 26, 2010
Absolute child who likes to whinge like a stuck pig...errr goat when he loses fairly. Got news for ya goat - it's a war game - TOUGHEN UP!! Besides you suck at the game - find a new passtime and get a life outside of Kdice loser.
binaspy on Tuesday October 26, 2010
this guy rapes goats eww!
Troy11 on Monday October 18, 2010
good player, stuck to his word
Moonz on Wednesday October 6, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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