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accepted my flag then attacked me 2 vs 1. When confronted about it he said oh um sorry I am drunk I forgot and then kept attacking. Dirty player.
RestacksSuck on Sunday November 6, 2011
cut me in the first turn with out any aprticular reason. then tried to tell everyone on the table i was untrustworthy. ignored my flag. specifcally told the person i was fighting he'd take me out for them. luckily, the #1 on the table saved me. but dont trust and dont count on him respecting ur flag. douche. for a guy wit swuch a precious avaTAR NAME.
timquick on Monday October 17, 2011
EXCELLENT play by jeremysdaddy. Waited very patiently, after flagging for 3rd, while teal and I fought for 2/4. Thanks.
3.14159 on Saturday August 27, 2011
pga'd with nW0
banana hammock on Tuesday May 31, 2011
Tries flagging a number instead of a person to con his way into a higher place... I never even saw your flag let alone accepted it.
Killah G on Monday May 30, 2011
Backstabber KoS
bluff or not? on Monday May 23, 2011
Biggest idiot I have ever met in kdice. Crap player.
F1reFox on Monday April 18, 2011
idiot doesn't respect flags and doesn't play with dignity
Philipp Seemann on Saturday April 16, 2011
cs96ai on Wednesday March 16, 2011
I WAS THERE in regards to the game Mmm Mmm Mmm is talking about. jeremysdaddy stepped up to the plate and defended others when some dumbass (guess who ? ) totally defaulted on their word (flag)... who then gets his panties in a knot cause jeremysdaddy wouldnt accept his flag after the fact... I came on his face afterwards...He looked up at me lovingly
Gangstrrr on Monday March 14, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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