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ghottos on Friday December 23, 2016
A splendid player that kdice needs more of. At first, I thought it was a little strange to have a "open" kdice homosexual, yet soon I warmed up to the idea and he really gave some insight into the homosexual world. He answered questions openly and honestly, and really changed a lot of minds of people I feel. With more homosexuals like himself coming clean and just letting the world know what is TRUE and what is MYTH really helps grow understanding. I applaud you for your openness with us here at kdice and wish you and your fiance Jim the best of luck in the future!!
fificar on Monday June 15, 2015
Great, nice and really fair player :) I'd like to play only with such nice people
pawellogrd on Friday February 6, 2015
very smart and fair player!
gengis khan on Sunday January 11, 2015
Whiner! Stomps off a cries when things don't go his way. NOOB with a subscription.
JRazman on Friday January 9, 2015
Cry baby.
DutchBastard on Tuesday January 6, 2015
Really nice and intelligent guy. He taught me about how fags travel in "packs" similar to how wolves do. And that their dens are actually feminine lofts. Fascinating. Don't miss a game and a chat with this sage.
Donald Krunk on Monday December 29, 2014
piece of shit
Tiger Woods PGA on Saturday December 27, 2014
@ nike, we all know your a homosexual. just come out of the closet already and make it official son. @ stringcheese, please stop acting like women on PMS cuz ur emotional and mushy I owned you. It happens, I am better than you so you should expect it.. stop crying.
BlueLineKing7 on Saturday December 27, 2014
tell me how my ass tastes bitch
NIKE10 on Friday December 26, 2014
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