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DoubleDogDareYa wrote
at 10:20 PM, Thursday November 26, 2009 EST
This is a post and not a review. I have placed it here to draw attention to the cheating that occurs at the high levels of k-dice. So if you are like me, you played Risk as a kid (and some of you still are kids). The game was friendly and free from technology. There was that great sense of victory when you got the three cards to turn in and mobilize your forces into a strong position. There was also that not so great feeling when two of your buddies or siblings joined forces to take you down. But that is part of the game and is all good and fair fun.

Fast forward to Ryans created world of K-dice. So Ryan created such an awesome game and a pretty cool community has evolved since. Like all communities, there are those who rise to the top by breaking the rules and playing by their own rules. And without naming people, everyone who is in the know realizes how the top has been ruled in K-dice for over 2 years. This is not speculation by the way. And while I am not here to judge those who attempt to win (and do win) via PGA and AIM, I have a difficult time playing this game with obnoxious and obsessed losers.

I am calling out Zoid. I have played against him and his alternate accounts 100s of times. I have played under my own alts in an effort to see his methods. And after a week or two of doing some investigative work, I know that he and all of his accounts should be permanently banned. I have witnessed his method of cheating. I know that he was banned once for cheating. So Zoid does PGA, like that it news to anybody. In addition to this, Zoid plays several accounts at one time. He uses at least 3 IPs (likely more) AKA proxy cheating. For example, you will be sitting at a table and Zoid will be Blue (under his main) and Teal under one alt. You can figure out the rest. This is the worst form of cheating. Or so I thought it was. So here is why I am pissed. I called him out on cheating in general earlier in the week and we exchanged some words. And then yesterday I called him out on his proxy methods. He got really pissed. Well, low and behold, my main account was disconnected 3 times in one day from K-dice. Each time that I was disconnected, it happened right as I was going to take first or second. Amazingly, I was able to reconnect right after each one of the games had ended. So, Zoid has the ability to interrupt a players connection to K-dice. How, I dont know. Ryan will know though. So some of your will say - it is just a coincidence. And other will say - oh you lagged. Well here is my experience: I am on-line for my work and other stuff at least 4-12 hours every work day for the past 7 years. I have used AT&T service for 3 years and I have had ONLY two disruptions where all of my service goes out. That is it - twice. So yesterday, when my K-dice connection was lost, it only occurred on K-dice. How do I know? I have 2 other computers (with the same IP) that had perfect connections (one to a work site and one to a news site) during this disconnect. So the problem was not with my connection. Also, k-dice was not experiencing problems yesterday during my disconnections. I verified this by asking around. So anyway, one game in which this happened to me, was when I was playing against Dr Zoid (zoid alt) and backside (zoid alt) and toomuchcoffeeguy(TMCG). Bye the way, I was clueless that backside was also zoid at the time. So as it turns out, TMCG was in the lead and I was second. Dr Zoid was clearly in 4th. So he starts claiming that he deserves 1st. He starts claiming that he gave me second. He starts claiming that he could of wrecked people. Well the only way that this could be true is if he were to be backside. Then he starts attacking TMCG) and that is when my disconnection occurred. I ended up being 4th due to the disconnect. Well, I went back to the table after logging back on and I witness the finishing moves. Now backside (if he were not zoid) would have stayed out of everything since he was flagged 2nd. But backside at one point makes a move on TMCG after saying - now I can get you. Whoah. It should be noted that during the game there had been no battle or dispute between TMCG and backside. So out of the blue, backside starts attacking TMCG. Well, that was a MAJOR Zoid screw up. He typed his emotion on the wrong account. The emotion that fit Dr. Zoid came through the backside account. In poker, we call this a tell. And there were many other tells during the game that I will not go into. Tells that confirm that Dr. Zoid is backside. So anyway ban Dr Zoid, Backside, Dr. zoiderberg 69, and all the other BS alts that he cheats with. To prevent him from coming back again, ban his IPs as well. Peace out.
AMO wrote
at 8:18 PM, Thursday July 9, 2009 EDT
AMO wrote
at 8:17 PM, Thursday July 9, 2009 EDT
AMO wrote
at 10:45 AM, Tuesday June 24, 2008 EDT
AMO wrote
at 9:23 PM, Saturday June 21, 2008 EDT
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