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well pga's is just not true :P
AlmogBitton on Thursday July 1, 2010
PGA with droppinSCIENCE
Pot of Gold on Tuesday June 29, 2010
this fucking moron apparently cant read and doesnt respect flags!!
sharkastick on Sunday August 16, 2009
owe you one
no_tactics on Wednesday March 18, 2009
PGA with Israel players
_BLizZaRd_ on Tuesday March 17, 2009
Grue on Saturday March 7, 2009
I flagged 2nd, and then AlmogBitton in first place just sat there not attacking anyone, and chatting. Can anyone translate this? DrNick: purp, are we cool if I flag to you? AlmogBitton: sure eranpeer: אלמוג אחי אל תפזר את החברה תדלג על תור ותגדל DrNick: Okay then AlmogBitton: אתה לא צריך ללמד אותי AlmogBitton: :] AlmogBitton: אין לי מממש זמן לשחק בשביל לצבור נקודות אני סתם משחק בשביל הכיף AlmogBitton: פעם הייתיי משקיע eranpeer: חח - אז תן לי שני DrNick: Why does all this make me feel supicious? AlmogBitton: I thought you were flagged eranpeer: כנס בו DrNick: Yup, but why the lack of any other attacks? AlmogBitton: now I must hit back :P eranpeer: תן לי שני חח AlmogBitton: סבבה DrNick: And frankly when I see people talking to people they should be atacking, I wonder why? atur: flag eranpeer: we just talked about the weather
DrNick on Saturday May 24, 2008
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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