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this guy is verbally abusive to everyone every game should be banned
Dude112 on Sunday September 19, 2021
Person that frequently breaks Game Rule #1 by always pge-ing someone, thus giving game to game favors with a negative sign. He should be banned permanently and instantly
Louis Cypher on Wednesday September 8, 2021
let this guy babysit my kids, when i got them back i had an extra kid, this guy is a stone cold criminal hustler, don't trust, also he's rude for real tho he is a rude dude with a bad attitude
Dude111 on Tuesday September 7, 2021
Toxic kid. Masterclass: https://kdice.com/games/89872365
Tarleton on Sunday August 29, 2021
unplaeasnat player, randomly accepting flags with a toxic mindset
SHO-GUN on Saturday August 28, 2021
Last time: 1. Accept others flag and all good 2. When you have just one land and i kill you, its obv you lost, so dont be so toxic after
Aleksa_bre on Friday July 23, 2021
Dont accept flags.
kaiosezzar on Wednesday July 21, 2021
hacktie: flag yel Generalstab: nah Generalstab: 100 table no flags noted.
hacktie on Wednesday May 5, 2021
Generalstab is a backstabber in tournament!!! please kill him asap!
Salige on Tuesday April 20, 2021
Probably one of serbian mafia. He plays irrationally only to harm some players.
22 april on Wednesday April 7, 2021
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