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some things do not belong at kdice or in avatars. -changeAvatar -avatar integral 10:53 AM, Thursday April 7, 2022 EDT
restored +chat integral 8:02 AM, Monday December 13, 2021 EST
take a timeout -chat integral 1:06 PM, Sunday December 12, 2021 EST

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can't read a table don't assume a truce with him, got his name from mashing his face on the keyboard
Dude111 on Wednesday November 16, 2022
Not surprised by the reviews. Player to be avoided. Takes the fun out of the game. Bad loser. Insulting other players.
Mr B on Friday October 28, 2022
Politically challenged with an advocate for war jargon and having a kreten mindset.
greeen on Thursday October 20, 2022
his poor, not honor flag ups
a0098pro on Tuesday September 6, 2022
Acrisius on Thursday September 1, 2022
Poor thing! His father made him suck dicks every morning. Instead of breakfast. WITH CHEESE!!!
avigdor on Sunday August 28, 2022
Dude makes sure he kills you before the bot... why?
Krangar on Thursday August 11, 2022
yo sally, just wanted to say I sincerely cherish the time we spend with each other on here. also I'm really looking forward to our vacation in st. petersburg, can't wait. hope you are safe and sound wherever you are right now. XOXO DIVELIZ
DIVELIZ on Monday July 18, 2022
A russian under Ukraine flag
Prilt on Saturday April 2, 2022
Malparido de mierda, corrompes el juego novato sin conocimiento y lo peor , eres mal perdedor basura.
Marlon Castillo on Tuesday March 22, 2022
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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