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Be aware to play with this person RocknTroll. He always plays in pair with his alt accounts. Usually it play in pair with his alt proxy account badassman. But he can use in pair other alt proxy accounts too. Also he write a lot in game chat to set up some players against others to reach 1st place for himself. Make sure to kill him first Example of playing RocknTroll with his proxy account badassman: http://kdice.com/games/82957051
kamikaze Mike on Monday December 3, 2018
Four minutes in RocknTroll admits to using the alt proxy account badassman http://kdice.com/games/83006452
Killroy on Monday December 3, 2018
/!\ /!\ /!\ Be aware /!\ /!\ /!\ Kamikaze Mike and Killroy are against me and their goals are to discredit me. See reviews on kamikaze profile and you'll understand he is the cheater. I admit the cheat but i used it because he cheated before. Kamikaze and Killroy will never admit he cheat on this game.
RocknTroll on Monday December 3, 2018
Plays for Last
dnaa on Friday November 30, 2018
RocknTroll is sad 27 years old guy. kooky from unemployment. his head and soul need long-term treatment. I feel sorry for his mother
brownfin on Thursday November 22, 2018
Liar. This mentally disturbed person lies all the time to achieve a good score. Dont trust him.
fish29 on Thursday November 15, 2018
lost soul
Tsvototi on Sunday November 11, 2018
Lol u wrote a own review about urself lol...
Sven_Gran on Tuesday October 9, 2018
tu as de beaux yeux. chez moi ou chez toi?
leash1234 on Tuesday October 9, 2018
nice player
Capo Chino on Friday September 14, 2018
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