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not bivo, apologies +changeAvatar +chat +play +post +re-register TLP 5:06 PM, Monday July 13, 2020 EDT
. -changeAvatar -chat -play -re-register TLP 3:11 PM, Monday July 13, 2020 EDT
test, this is not a ban! +play jurgen 5:09 PM, Tuesday February 25, 2020 EST
test, this is not a ban! -play jurgen 5:08 PM, Tuesday February 25, 2020 EST

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Ojjj, srbine crni vraze, ima li ti ista od Turskog kurca draze. Ojjj srbine kukala ti majka, otac ti je Turcin, to nije bajka. Ojjj srbine peder si u dusi, zato Turcinu na Kosovu kurac pusi.
Pashaa on Saturday November 26, 2022
I will crack the killcode eventually...
Lalita Lani on Thursday September 8, 2022
killcode goes full nuclear karen, I tell ya. talk about sense of entitlement. :)
DIVELIZ on Wednesday August 10, 2022
Good dude...
Ching on Friday August 5, 2022
fun, good looking and cool guy
Dude111 on Tuesday June 29, 2021
doesnt respect flags, will do the same to you ;)
Henrik on Saturday April 11, 2020
If you rearrange the letters in the word 'Killcode' they spell out 'ARKENKOR'
ruby999 on Wednesday March 6, 2019
piece of shit asshole player
FuckEveryone on Tuesday March 5, 2019
this guy both sucks, and stabbed in the tourney, but worst offense is he's not funny. totally lame, gotta kill him
IAmBecomeDeath on Monday December 3, 2018
everyone's secret lover
lol^^^^ on Wednesday October 31, 2018
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