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restored +chat +play +post jurgen 8:03 AM, Tuesday March 10, 2020 EDT
entering multiple accounts in tournaments http://www.kdice.com/tournaments/55/stats//44933357 -re-register jurgen 3:57 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST
. -chat -play jurgen 3:49 AM, Monday February 24, 2020 EST

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nice funny player
siegr on Monday February 13, 2023
Decent and fair player
havoc99 on Saturday December 10, 2022
toxic jerk, doesnt respect flags, pge
Dude111 on Saturday November 12, 2022
look, it's meanbearp-, no it's SNOWMANDOG!!!
DIVELIZ on Saturday October 2, 2021
plays a unfair game in tourney,
Tippy G on Thursday August 26, 2021
Good fighter
Tarleton on Sunday August 15, 2021
n0m n0m n0m's turn MrsGrendler defeated 8v8, 44 to 32, (6,6,2,6,6,6,6,6 to 2,5,5,2,3,3,6,6)
SHO-GUN on Tuesday June 8, 2021
Anakino: i just see, u r lv 77 now? n0m n0m n0m: yeah lol in top 200 career now too haha n0m n0m n0m: oh shit Anakino: i mean why n0m n0m n0m: when did that happeb? fuck noooooooooooooooo Anakino: OH u didnt realize it urself ? n0m n0m n0m: damn no :( shit Anakino: i tho u did it on purpose, whats why i ask n0m n0m n0m: no lol ty for pointing it out, you are the true level one now Anakino: i just checked it out, 1st May n0m n0m n0m: that's funny, in a tragic way Anakino: i was surprised for 1 sec n0m n0m n0m: it's like a new stage in nomnomnom's life i guess :) it was a great run while it lasted Anakino: u did well, better than me n0m n0m n0m: and you can do better :) Anakino: im slow n0m n0m n0m: it's all on you now Anakino: dont give up, you can still reborn, son n0m n0m n0m: good idea Anakino: never give up n0m n0m n0m: hope dies last :) Anakino: it was 2, it has to be 2 again n0m n0m n0m: ^ Anakino: i hv to name it May's fool in ur honor n0m n0m n0m: ahaha Anakino: gt btw n0m n0m n0m: gt Anakino: really long tourney it is n0m n0m n0m: i'm still in shock
Anakino on Sunday May 2, 2021
Nice player
Nicker_ on Tuesday November 10, 2020
Proxy 100%, panzerred, again!
Kurton on Thursday June 25, 2020
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