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Great tournament, would not let me quit, I ended up taking 1st.
Chaotic-WarLoRd on Monday February 1, 2021
good tournament, i like how you never give up the fight
heraclitus on Sunday July 12, 2020
pga with will the thrill
avesano on Wednesday April 29, 2020
https://kdice.com/games/84500448 cya again didnt know i was in PGA with you ;)
BaNaT on Monday July 15, 2019
teamplayer with "sethleces" - so please kill them both asap!
Salige on Tuesday April 16, 2019
http://kdice.com/games/83045446 poor guy at all
dicebomb on Saturday December 8, 2018
Just see his comments. He think he's the best. I could insult him because he's so much a bad guy but i won't stop to his level.
RocknTroll on Monday November 12, 2018
takes kills and doesn't give kills. Have some integrity you fool
JUG HEAD on Friday August 24, 2018
dirty mouth
Tiger Woods PGA on Saturday August 11, 2018
evel on Saturday July 21, 2018
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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