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i emerged from a fig and was fed lies about a womb
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nice playa
Oliko on Friday April 27, 2018
dont flag this asshole, youll be the first one he kills
Lalita Lani on Tuesday October 27, 2015
pga with intuition
Zebre on Thursday October 22, 2015
Not bad,, he has honor. But he has to get to that point where you only flag at the last second.
Bachus on Wednesday October 21, 2015
doesn't accept flag
felamir on Wednesday September 30, 2015
Good, nice player
scozy on Monday September 14, 2015
fuck you.
Asmit1 on Sunday September 13, 2015
very small dick + PGA with simor10
MacCoy on Sunday August 30, 2015
He laugh about my jokes, so... he is cool
MUTOMBA on Tuesday August 25, 2015
after several good games with him (when he was paying attention and reading moves), he fucked me over for no reason and no gain this game. green was going towards him, i moved away and he cut me without gain for himself, and green clearly went on attacking him. instead he lost his pretty sure 1st. must have saved his day to act like this. i thought i like you as a pleasant new player - now i know i dont
Mrs. M on Saturday August 8, 2015
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