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"Dirty player. Killed people who flagged to him to hand his buddy 2nd after he sat in a corner all game. Harlequin UZ on Thursday February 11, 2016" omg dude .. he was not second, he was 4th place but you fight for 3/5 not for 3/4 , next time don't lie - ;)
Marcus Holz on Thursday February 11, 2016
not a honorable player thats all
@HarunKavun on Thursday December 10, 2015
solid player
mcdougs on Thursday December 10, 2015
YOU $&%$&%$&%$&%$&%$&%$&%$&%$&% KDITCH!
Black Flag on Friday December 4, 2015
Lalita Lani on Friday December 4, 2015
spying powerfull player in the game with flagging (round 2 or 3 ) , and getting points kill this b itch
cemt2307 on Tuesday November 10, 2015
nervous player ...
Grux on Thursday November 5, 2015
Gingers have souls
Federer62 on Sunday November 1, 2015
has a face like a dog also acts like a bitch to
death-2-beepa on Monday October 5, 2015
i like this beauty
TimeR_rW on Friday October 2, 2015
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