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Keep Out: GERMANY = NAZI ........ nothing more to say
Mrs. M on Tuesday April 14, 2015
this guy is an idiot. watched him flag in round 2 and then stab after he grew on a zero table. he even tried to get another guy to truce with him as he stabbed. just kill this dumbass.
du11 on Tuesday April 14, 2015
Backstabber, do not trust when he flags you.
NuII on Monday April 13, 2015
Lalita Lani is a Bitch!
KingRussy on Saturday April 11, 2015
Idiot, kill on sight, accepts flag and keep having your lands
@xXxdouglasxXx on Saturday April 11, 2015
imbecil player
gogi on Saturday April 11, 2015
do not trust this player
Glen Carr on Saturday April 11, 2015
agree with a previous comment
generalissimus S on Thursday April 9, 2015
such an idiot
flag under me on Wednesday April 8, 2015
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