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After fucking me in 2 consecutive rounds in a tourney and pretending to have a lag and not to understand, I found out he is most likely one of the turkish proxy cheater group supporting Mimika, Of course he does not openly show it, but actually plays in favour of them and pretends not to understand...
SHO-GUN on Saturday November 27, 2021
proxy cheater with gengis Khan cheated together in tourney
PRESlDENT on Tuesday November 9, 2021
loser, even when we played angainst two proxies, he refuse to roll and expected free win lame noob
Mark Twain on Saturday October 23, 2021
stupid "faked away" on Juergen... really great player
katerblau on Wednesday February 24, 2021
A very bad sport.
Louis Cypher on Wednesday February 10, 2021
Kill at sight. Rude, bad player.
landi on Monday January 18, 2021
imanema on Monday January 18, 2021
don't trust
samcormack on Tuesday January 5, 2021
can't read board sometimes but he's nice
sw1ft25 on Friday October 23, 2020
PGA with IS 122
Nicker_ on Friday September 18, 2020
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