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I was in 1st when sailorbluewhiteb said he was fighting for 3. But he didn't do anything turn after turn, even though he had 3 lands and his enemy had 6. Then I realized that he must have noticed me lagging throughout the game and that he was waiting for me to lag out so he could get 2 (one person had already real-flagged 3). So I had to go and destroy him. http://kdice.com/games/86231325
PanzerRed on Sunday March 15, 2020
Maybe the biggest prick I've played with - and that's a lot
Vestbanebarn on Friday March 6, 2020
huhu on Saturday January 25, 2020
ugly play...2vs 1,... when aflag would hav ebeen appropriate
SHO-GUN on Sunday December 8, 2019
Does not respect flags. I flagged him and he complained about no kill. Then killed me, with my flag actually up for 2nd.
BahamianNoob on Tuesday December 3, 2019
ugly player...
Fraghunter on Tuesday November 26, 2019
pga with optifist
HeavyMetalManiac on Sunday January 11, 2015
kill this fuck on sight
Sabala on Thursday January 8, 2015
Trashmonkey on Wednesday January 7, 2015
He attacks the rest of the table when everybody was flagged to him. Kill him and don´t trust him.
Muzaman on Wednesday January 7, 2015
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