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Played honorably
REQQER on Saturday January 14, 2017
PGA, poor plyer
Drugie-B on Saturday January 14, 2017
avesano on Sunday January 1, 2017
: STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
State of Heroes on Saturday November 26, 2016
This blatant idiot accepted my flag and then continued to hit me claiming he needed to pass when there were ways to go without touching me. He never offered a trade of lands. I then started fighting back ending up to kill him. He calls it a stabb and has pge'd me in consequence. I call him a stupid piece of shit with no understanding of anything. Be aware of this idiot. I got a good reputation of never stabbing - this guy has a perfect record of being an idiot. Judge yourselves.
Louis Cypher on Thursday November 24, 2016
poor ethic, poor soul... poor player... doesnt know how to win and lose with respect and values.... also, after lose, he try manipulates the game... dirtiest player ever
celta on Friday November 18, 2016
flagged, then attacks. kill on sight.
Dick Tucker on Saturday June 25, 2016
Biggest piece of shit player I've ever played with. He pga wiht Schlemmer at a 0 table. WHO DOEST THAT?
No_Fear_xx7 on Saturday April 2, 2016
zero values - super opportunistic playstyle
k diva on Saturday March 19, 2016
played tourney with him, nice guy and respects flags
Solo713 on Saturday November 7, 2015
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