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sexybabe: i am with red sexybabe: lol Full Speed: flag red moulue: sorry canot wait sexybabe: bom, may i pass Full Speed: red not respeckt flag Full Speed: yello sexybabe: mou, we are tgt , right? moulue: am with green sexybabe: =] moulue: so we try 2 and 3 sexybabe: agreed sexybabe: bombardler Full Speed: pga sexybabe: may i pass moulue: and blue is big moulue: take my 1 sexybabe: mou, i want a land sexybabe: ok Full Speed: dreen and red PGA
Sildaan on Thursday January 22, 2015
bitch. PGA.
Fullmetal on Monday January 12, 2015
pga player, stabbed me after i flaged in tournament try to avoid playing with her
Morrow77 on Sunday December 7, 2014
pgaed with Help, I'm a Rock in Players Evening2 12/03/14 11:oo CST
timquick on Wednesday December 3, 2014
he seems like a mad boy
wonkyung on Tuesday October 14, 2014
killed me without reason, when I got 4th and pushed me on 5th place. On a 2000 table.
Flammenmeer on Thursday September 25, 2014
Pga with Procutter and it´s a shemale.
Muzaman on Wednesday September 3, 2014
Betrayed counter truce. Weakest player yet.
Faceofcfab on Thursday August 14, 2014
accused me of being pga with someone i never saw before..
jommojanji on Tuesday August 12, 2014
accepts flag and then stabs you when you're fighting someone else
Worden on Monday August 4, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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