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PGA with Cambria akabalik
Gnu 58 on Sunday March 19, 2017
Smells Like Team Spirit
Greenhorn91 on Thursday December 17, 2015
pretty sure hes got some sort of cheat. cant win a roll against this guy in 3 games? some bullshit that is
Lalita Lani on Wednesday May 27, 2015
PGA with CheezeMonkey
Zigua on Wednesday October 22, 2014
2014-10-05 B4M069 is a Level 37 kdice jerk with one (1) trophy. B4M069 put up a "flag for 4" without saying who that meant he would not attack. All chat below is verbatim as it always is, but I am missing some of the first part of the chat. ++++++++++ [Paraphrasing B4M069]: flag for 4 ---------- B4M069: it mean i dont wanna lose some points ---------- Urbi et Orbi: not the flag--you put in a claim for 4th--which of us does that mean should NOT attack you? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: it gives no information to anyone ---------- Urbi et Orbi: it is pointless ---------- B4M069: everyone who thought he has a better postion than 4 ---------- Urbi et Orbi: exactly!!! ---------- Urbi et Orbi: all 4 of us ahead of you thought that ---------- Urbi et Orbi: so which of the 4 should not have attacked you? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: is this that difficult for you to understand? really? ---------- B4M069: u were the middle guy, weakest position ---------- Urbi et Orbi: then say "flag to all but blue" next time--as i said ---------- Urbi et Orbi: don't be an idiot about it ---------- Urbi et Orbi: why bother being an idiot about it? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: because you have a trophy and we owe you something? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: is that it? ---------- B4M069: ofc ---------- Urbi et Orbi: see? i was right--as always ---------- B4M069: im best player in the world ---------- Capt Smashy: fl red ---------- Urbi et Orbi: no, you are just another thoughtless kdice jerk ---------- Urbi et Orbi: another trophy guy ruining the game for others on the 0 tables ---------- Capt Smashy: thnx, red. ---------- Capt Smashy has left ---------- hisandherpes: 3=4 and you werent getting 2 ---------- Urbi et Orbi: 3 does NOT = 4 ---------- Urbi et Orbi: that is another kdice jerk trophy guy idea ---------- hisandherpes: as far as points goes, it does ---------- B4M069: lol ---------- Urbi et Orbi: of COURSE as far as points--duh ---------- Urbi et Orbi: that is the point ---------- Urbi et Orbi: you trophy guys think that is all it is about ---------- Urbi et Orbi: you are, almost to a man, kdice jerks ---------- hisandherpes: do you know what the fuck you're talking about about because I sure as hell don't ########## ---------- Urbi et Orbi: there are a few exceptions ---------- Urbi et Orbi: i say this all the time--and you know it ---------- hisandherpes: Are your parents related? ########## [Note: Ad hominem attack--the first resort of the ignorant.] ---------- Urbi et Orbi: you just don't like hearing the truth ---------- B4M069: no u dont like it ---------- Urbi et Orbi: ad hominem attack! i win the chat game--as always ---------- hisandherpes: i spoke the truth ---------- hisandherpes: and you disagreed ---------- Urbi et Orbi: another victory for me! ---------- hisandherpes: you were wrong ---------- B4M069: funniest noob ever ########## [Note: "Noob"! Does ANYONE still use the word "noob"? B4M069 does.] ---------- Urbi et Orbi: you are a kdice jerk--simple ---------- hisandherpes: deal with it ---------- Urbi et Orbi: i just tell the truth--you HATE the truth ---------- Urbi et Orbi: deal with it ---------- Urbi et Orbi is here ---------- B4M069 is here ---------- B4M069: hi urbi ########## [Note: Chatting to me first? Automatic chat game loss for B4M069.] ---------- Urbi et Orbi: going to ruin this game too, B2? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: b4? ---------- Urbi et Orbi: "flag for 4"! ---------- Urbi et Orbi: what an idiot you are, b4 ---------- B4M069: no first round flags ---------- Urbi et Orbi: no, but when you do flag, be sure and be as cryptic as possible ---------- Urbi et Orbi: don't tell anyone who you are flagging to
Urbi et Orbi on Sunday October 12, 2014
Nice player, honoured his flag.
voodooer on Tuesday April 1, 2014
No idea about loyality
calsub44 on Friday March 14, 2014
Dishonorable backstabber. Do not trust.
MrCompetely on Friday September 20, 2013
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