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Joshua Loewe

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This player has been modded by the community

play restored +play jurgen 4:39 PM, Thursday October 24, 2013 EDT
One month ban for pga. Do not play other accounts either or your ban length will increase. -play jurgen 10:44 AM, Thursday October 17, 2013 EDT

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Don't accept flags.
armed_probe on Wednesday July 2, 2014
sad player
znarf on Friday June 27, 2014
PGA with vminepuklus
Smoke Two Joints on Thursday June 19, 2014
Bad and unfriendly player !
Minecreme on Thursday June 19, 2014
Holy crap is this guy stupid. Three people tried to reason with this turd for over 30 minutes but he just got dumber and dumber... The whole thing started because he got super moody and bitchy after someone didn't give him a kill. Grow up kid.
Donald Krunk on Tuesday June 17, 2014
honorable player!
kaiosezzar on Tuesday June 10, 2014
Stupid Lion
retiy on Friday March 21, 2014
needs to learn dice, too weak ;)
xXxViruS on Thursday March 20, 2014
Whiner, trucer.
The AntiTruce on Thursday March 20, 2014
Good player :D
Estytcher on Tuesday March 18, 2014
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