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This player has been modded by the community

restored +chat +play +post integral 2:58 AM, Saturday September 6, 2014 EDT
what did i say? -chat -play -post integral 7:30 PM, Friday September 5, 2014 EDT
trial period over +play jurgen 3:09 PM, Friday November 1, 2013 EDT
BANNED BIG TIME FOR PGA...I'm very disappointed in you but I guess I saw it coming -play jurgen 5:14 PM, Sunday August 18, 2013 EDT

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fucking backstabber
ch1c0_3v0 on Monday November 25, 2013
pga noob, kill 1st that bitch and dont trust him,
zioro2 on Monday November 18, 2013
Pga with YII in tourney, Never trust ! This is really stunning that mods are PGA.
Schzarck on Sunday November 17, 2013
Always cheating in some way. Be that proxy, PGA, or DOS attacks from her friends. Avoid all of this players accounts.
TheBetterYodel on Thursday November 14, 2013
bad reviews are accurate
DarkoPancev on Monday November 11, 2013
stabbed me after I flagged
SHO-GUN on Saturday August 10, 2013
HAHA now i have to write something nice feels od you frogot that TABLE!!! nice tourney
Boozinganimal on Friday August 9, 2013
stupid asshole player
Serseri Mayin on Wednesday August 7, 2013
.lvl 50..1 medall backstabber cunt!!!
one4 on Wednesday August 7, 2013
Best player, also a nice person to chat with :)
Eric Müller on Sunday July 28, 2013
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