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very creative to copy bad reviews on the writers page, Riles P(enis) AND u are right in one point juwhoreokki: i killed u one time driven by revenge. u know why? because i don't like greedy players like u.
meckchate on Sunday February 2, 2014
greedy player. i do not recomment to play with him.
Riles P on Sunday February 2, 2014
Kill on sight. Doesn't respect flags, and first of all if you kill him he tries to revenge it on the next game. Terrible player without idea what the game is about.
Juhokki on Sunday January 5, 2014
Good and Fair Player =)
Orthros on Saturday January 4, 2014
Fair player, flagged to me early and honored it even though he had grown to 3x my size. Good guy! Always a pleasure playing with you meckchate!
NO SOUP 4 U on Friday January 3, 2014
Fair Player!!
kindacute on Friday January 3, 2014
fair, good and sympathetic player. hope to meet you soon for more good games :-) btw: thank you for adding, im just sorry i cant add you - i reached the friends limit and although i kicked lots of ppl out of my list i cant add new ones. so please call me when you see me on and you're in the mood to play the same table with me. take care
Mrs. M on Monday December 30, 2013
Honourable player who helped me against a stabber. Great guy.
glem on Saturday December 7, 2013
Great Tactician
Cirquedaddy on Friday December 6, 2013
nice guy!!!
Maze78 on Friday December 6, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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