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dimmmi wrote
at 5:38 PM, Monday July 8, 2013 EDT
Berna's turn
DizzyBat defeated 4v3, 13 to 11, (5,2,2,4 to 2,5,4)
dimmmi defended 3v2, 6 to 7, (2,3,1 to 1,6)
dimmmi defeated 3v2, 8 to 6, (5,1,2 to 1,5)
KM1 defeated 5v2, 17 to 6, (4,3,6,2,2 to 4,2)
dimmmi defeated 4v3, 19 to 10, (4,5,4,6 to 3,2,5)
dimmmi defeated 3v2, 17 to 8, (5,6,6 to 3,5)
dimmmi defeated 2v1, 2 to 1, (1,1 to 1)
+9 dice
Berna: well
Berna: flag blue!
dimmmi wrote
at 1:43 PM, Wednesday June 26, 2013 EDT
1st round truce:

dasfury: anyone wanna guess
dasfury: who im attacking
dasfury: this round
Gurgi: teal
NightFury: teal?
Gurgi: ill even give you a connect
Gurgi: cause im so nice
luis miguel has left
NightFury: k so
NightFury: gurgi is top 3
Gurgi: im 3rd exactly
NightFury: is this the doublefury gurg alliance?
Gurgi: how did you know
Gurgi: boom
NightFury: well teal attacked me
NightFury: so i hate teal now
NightFury: anyone else hate teal?
dasfury: hey mee tooo
Gurgi: i hated him based on his avatar
NightFury: ok cool
IgorMaster: whata ask :)
regginslayer: i do!!!!!
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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